Hey, beautiful creators! Having navigated the choppy waters of user-generated content for 11+ years, I’ve got the map to help you steer clear of those sneaky red flags. 🚩 Today, we’re talking about staying safe while creating UGC for brands.

The digital seas are vast, and it’s easy to get caught in the nets of not-so-honest folks. But fear not! I’ve gathered some pro tips to keep your content castle secure. Follow these UGC safety tips, and you’ll sail smoothly while rocking the UGC world. 🛥️ ✨

1. Contract First, Address Later

Starting off with a biggie – your address is more than just a place, it’s your sanctuary! Before you go handing it out like free samples at a grocery store, make sure you and your client sign on the dotted line. Contracts are like the bouncers of the UGC club – they only let the VIPs (Very Important Payment-promisers) through!

This way, you’ll know the brand is legit and not just fishing for your personal info. It’s like not giving your number out at a bar until you’re sure they’re Prince Charming, right?

2. Your Address’s Secret Identity

Consider a PO box for your UGC gifts from clients. It’s an added layer of protection for your address that keeps your personal Batcave…well, personal! This nifty trick keeps your home address private while still getting all the goodies. No more worrying about unexpected visitors or lost parcels.

3. Put Your Wallet Away – No Pay, No Play

Remember the golden rule – money flows towards the creator, not away. If a deal involves you opening your wallet to pay for products or shipping, swipe left on that offer faster than a bad dating app match. Your talent pays the bills, not the other way around!

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4. “Hey Dear” – The Ultimate Red Flag

Oh, the classic “hey dear” message. Might as well come with alarm bells, right? If an offer starts with a greeting that sounds like it was spun in a suspicious compliment factory, take it as a nope note. Trust me, your sixth sense mixed with a pinch of skepticism is the perfect recipe for detecting those tricky trap messages.

5. Watermark Your Videos

This one’s a biggie and I’ve seen so many creators get cheated out of their hard-earned money because of this. Only lift the veil (a.k.a. watermark) once the payment has got that cleared, cha-ching status! 💰💫

You can easily create a watermark in CapCut, inShot or most other platforms.

6. No Contract? No Deal

I’ve left this one till last because if you don’t yet know that you need a contract, then I really hope you haven’t been reaching out to brands yet! As far as UGC safety tips go, this is the most important one!

If you take anything from this blog, it’s that CONTRACTS ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE!!

Get this contract template if you don’t already have one. It’s made by a lawyer who specialises in content creators and it’s VERY thorough! (use code UQPROMO10 to get 10% off)

🗨️ Story time: I was once talking to a brand that seems quite legit. The emails were personal, she shared the scripts with me, it seemed to be going well. Until she sent me their contract.

Now I NEVER sign a client’s contract, I always send them mine because mine is 8 pages long, and theirs is usually 1-2 at best and super basic.

💰 Looking at their contract I saw that they didn’t include the cost of the project nor the deliverables! So basically, once I delivered the videos, they were under no obligation to pay me.

I pointed that out and sent them my contract. They said they can’t work with mine OR change theirs. So that was a MAJOR red flag 🚩 If a company is refusing to add something as vital as PAYMENT to their contract… RUN 🏃‍♀️

UGC Safety Tips – Safety is the New Cool

And there you have it! Watermark boldly, guard your personal deets like a treasure, and keep on creating with confidence! 🚀💪

And hey, if you’re out there thinking, “But Anya, I want more magic wands to wave on my UGC quest!” because, of course, who wouldn’t? 🪄✨ Check out my “Become a UGC Creator in 7 Days” guide. It’s jam-packed with insider tips and is the magic bean you need to grow your UGC empire. Grab it and watch your career beanstalk soar!

Until next time.