• Why Do Many UGC Creators Quit After Just a Year?

    The sunsets of dreamy destinations, the perfectly plated spread at the newest café, and the outfits that turn city streets into fashion runways – this is the world as painted by user-generated content (UGC) creators. It’s a realm where creativity meets commerce and where many hope to carve out their niche. But behind the filters and follower counts, there’s another narrative unfolding – one where a considerable number of UGC creators quit before their first anniversary. Why does this happen?

    In this voyage through the lens of a UGC creator, we’ll explore the trials that lead many promising talents to prematurely exit stage left, including the fundamental misstep of forgoing proper learning and preparation.

    Social media often tells a half-truth, highlighting the successes without the outtakes. But the outtakes, as every seasoned content creator would attest, are where the real story unfolds.

    The Lure and Lament of Instant Success

    For starters, the allure of instant success is as intoxicating as it is misleading. New creators are often under the illusion that virality is a few posts away. When the reality of algorithmic fickleness hits, disillusionment can soon follow. The stars of the social world aren’t those who struck digital gold overnight but are instead the persistent few who understand that building a presence is a marathon, not a sprint.

    Creative Burnout: When Passion Flames Out

    Creative burnout is another uninvited guest that frequently disrupts the content creation soiree. Juggling the demands of constant content production, all the while clinging to the same thread of innovation can wear down even the most spirited individuals. It’s akin to running a bakery and crafting a new, unique pastry every day – enticing and exhausting in equal measure.

    The Oversight of Under Learning

    The most pivotal, however, is the leap before the look – or more aptly, the posting before the learning. Many of those who quit within a year are those who have bypassed the critical step of education. Learning the ropes of content creation isn’t just about mastering filters or hashtags; it’s about carving a sustainable path in the sprawling landscape of social media.

    Imagine setting sail across the ocean with no map or compass – such is the plight of the unguided creator.

    How to Stay The Course

    This is where I beckon you to change the narrative. I’ve poured my 12 years of experience and insights into a guide that contains everything you need to become a successful UGC creator.

    Through the pages of this guide, creators discover the blueprint to not only the first UGC deal but also the framework for an enduring career in content creation. Over 90% of my students have not only hit the £500 mark within the first two months but continued to flourish, nurturing their passion into a profession.

    The Horizon Awaits

    The world needs your perspective, your stories, and your unique flair. Yes, it demands learning, patience, and perseverance, but as the waves of inspiration ebb and flow, remember that the ocean of opportunity is vast and waits for no one.

    Take the learnings, apply the tips, and stay the course. The story of your success as a UGC creator has many chapters yet to be written, and they’re all waiting for your signature style.

    Ready to begin? Grab my guide and take the first step towards a thriving career in UGC. Your future self will thank you for not quitting the scene but learning how to truly shine on it.

    how to become a UGC creator in just 7 days
  • 7 Essential UGC Safety Tips Every Creator Must Know

    Hey, beautiful creators! Having navigated the choppy waters of user-generated content for 11+ years, I’ve got the map to help you steer clear of those sneaky red flags. 🚩 Today, we’re talking about staying safe while creating UGC for brands.

    The digital seas are vast, and it’s easy to get caught in the nets of not-so-honest folks. But fear not! I’ve gathered some pro tips to keep your content castle secure. Follow these UGC safety tips, and you’ll sail smoothly while rocking the UGC world. 🛥️ ✨

    1. Contract First, Address Later

    Starting off with a biggie – your address is more than just a place, it’s your sanctuary! Before you go handing it out like free samples at a grocery store, make sure you and your client sign on the dotted line. Contracts are like the bouncers of the UGC club – they only let the VIPs (Very Important Payment-promisers) through!

    This way, you’ll know the brand is legit and not just fishing for your personal info. It’s like not giving your number out at a bar until you’re sure they’re Prince Charming, right?

    2. Your Address’s Secret Identity

    Consider a PO box for your UGC gifts from clients. It’s an added layer of protection for your address that keeps your personal Batcave…well, personal! This nifty trick keeps your home address private while still getting all the goodies. No more worrying about unexpected visitors or lost parcels.

    3. Put Your Wallet Away – No Pay, No Play

    Remember the golden rule – money flows towards the creator, not away. If a deal involves you opening your wallet to pay for products or shipping, swipe left on that offer faster than a bad dating app match. Your talent pays the bills, not the other way around!

    how to become a UGC creator in just 7 days

    4. “Hey Dear” – The Ultimate Red Flag

    Oh, the classic “hey dear” message. Might as well come with alarm bells, right? If an offer starts with a greeting that sounds like it was spun in a suspicious compliment factory, take it as a nope note. Trust me, your sixth sense mixed with a pinch of skepticism is the perfect recipe for detecting those tricky trap messages.

    5. Watermark Your Videos

    This one’s a biggie and I’ve seen so many creators get cheated out of their hard-earned money because of this. Only lift the veil (a.k.a. watermark) once the payment has got that cleared, cha-ching status! 💰💫

    You can easily create a watermark in CapCut, inShot or most other platforms.

    6. No Contract? No Deal

    I’ve left this one till last because if you don’t yet know that you need a contract, then I really hope you haven’t been reaching out to brands yet! As far as UGC safety tips go, this is the most important one!

    If you take anything from this blog, it’s that CONTRACTS ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE!!

    Get this contract template if you don’t already have one. It’s made by a lawyer who specialises in content creators and it’s VERY thorough! (use code UQPROMO10 to get 10% off)

    🗨️ Story time: I was once talking to a brand that seems quite legit. The emails were personal, she shared the scripts with me, it seemed to be going well. Until she sent me their contract.

    Now I NEVER sign a client’s contract, I always send them mine because mine is 8 pages long, and theirs is usually 1-2 at best and super basic.

    💰 Looking at their contract I saw that they didn’t include the cost of the project nor the deliverables! So basically, once I delivered the videos, they were under no obligation to pay me.

    I pointed that out and sent them my contract. They said they can’t work with mine OR change theirs. So that was a MAJOR red flag 🚩 If a company is refusing to add something as vital as PAYMENT to their contract… RUN 🏃‍♀️

    UGC Safety Tips – Safety is the New Cool

    And there you have it! Watermark boldly, guard your personal deets like a treasure, and keep on creating with confidence! 🚀💪

    And hey, if you’re out there thinking, “But Anya, I want more magic wands to wave on my UGC quest!” because, of course, who wouldn’t? 🪄✨ Check out my “Become a UGC Creator in 7 Days” guide. It’s jam-packed with insider tips and is the magic bean you need to grow your UGC empire. Grab it and watch your career beanstalk soar!

    Until next time.

  • Where To Find Influencer Marketing Jobs 

    Welcome, aspiring netizens! Has it ever crossed your mind that your passion for selfies, pet photos, or even food snaps could become a full-blown money-making gig? Well, you’re in luck! The world of influencer marketing is rapidly expanding and it’s not only limited to individuals with a large following. But let’s keep the suspense intact.

    We are here to walk you through the bright and buzzing streets of Influencer Marketing Jobs. So, whether you are an established influencer with a niche or just a regular Joe with a knack for creating engaging User-Generated Content (UGC), there’s a spot for you! Stick around as we delve deeper into the opportunities and potentials of this exciting industry.

    Influencer Marketing Jobs Explained

    First things first. What are influencer marketing jobs exactly? To put it simply, it’s a form of social media marketing where brands collaborate with individuals who have a large following on various platforms to promote their products or services. With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, influencer marketing has become a thriving industry that continues to attract both brands and individuals alike.

    But don’t be fooled, influencer marketing jobs are not just about taking pictures with a product and getting paid. It requires creativity, authenticity, and most importantly, building trust with your audience. The key is to create content that resonates with your followers while staying true to yourself.

    Unlike UCG creators, influencers typically have a specific niche and a dedicated following that trusts their opinion. This makes them valuable to brands looking to target a particular audience.

    Types of Influencer Marketing Jobs

    Now that you have a better understanding of what influencer marketing jobs entail, let’s take a look at the various types of opportunities available and the different ways you can earn money as an influencer.

    • Sponsored Content: This is the most common type where brands pay influencers to create content featuring their products or services. The content could be in the form of social media posts, blog posts, or videos.
    • Brand Ambassadorship: This is a long-term partnership between an influencer and a brand where the influencer promotes the brand’s products or services over an extended period.
    • Event Hosting/Participation: Influencers are often invited to attend events, openings, or product launches as special guests or panelists. This could also include travel opportunities for influencers with a large following.
    • Affiliate Marketing: Influencers earn a commission for promoting and driving sales for a brand’s products or services. This could be through unique discount codes or links that track purchases made through the influencer’s platform.

    Now, these are just a few of the many opportunities available in the world of influencer marketing. As you start your journey, be open to trying out different types of collaborations and see what works best for you.

    how to become a UGC creator in just 7 days

    Where to Find Influencer Marketing Jobs 

    So where can you find these elusive influencer marketing jobs? Here are a few places to get started:

    • Influencer Marketing Platforms: There are several platforms specifically designed for brands and influencers to connect and collaborate. Some popular ones include Tribe, Upfluence, and AspireIQ.
    • Social Media: This may seem obvious, but you can also find influencer marketing opportunities by simply scrolling through your social media feeds. Keep an eye out for brands that align with your values and reach out to them directly.
    • Networking Events: Attend industry events, conferences, and workshops to network with brands and other influencers. You never know when a potential partnership opportunity may arise.
    • Your Personal Network: Don’t underestimate the power of your own personal network. Let friends, family members, and acquaintances know that you are open to influencer marketing opportunities. They may know someone who knows someone looking for an influencer like you!

    The Influencer vs. UGC Creator Dilemma: Be or not to be?

    So, you’re probably wondering: should I become an influencer or a UGC creator? Let’s break it down. As an influencer, you would need to establish a niche, gather a following that trusts your views, and yes, work hard to maintain that trust. It can be rewarding but also requires a lot of time and effort.

    On the flip side, as a UGC creator, things are a bit different. User-generated content (UGC) is content that is created and shared by consumers or followers promoting a brand. This often comes in the form of images and video content about a brand that is positive and free of charge.

    The beauty of being a UGC creator is that you don’t necessarily need a specific niche or a large following to start. You just need to produce engaging and authentic content that resonates with the audience. This could be an easier entry point for many aspiring digital marketers and content creators.

    If you feel you have a calling for UCG here is your chance! We have several effective resources where you can find UCG jobs:

    • In this UCG Guide, there’s a list of apps and websites where you can find UGC jobs, and don’t worry about not finding one because it gets updated when new ones come out.
    • Subscribe to this awesome newsletter that sends you UC jobs for free every week.
    • Make sure to check out this rubbish-free, Facebook Group for UK/EU creators where you’ll not only find jobs but you’ll also join other creators, feel part of a community where you can ask questions, etc.

    So, before you choose your path, weigh the pros and cons. Remember, the goal is to do something you love and enjoy. Whether you choose to be an influencer or a UGC creator, always stay true to your craft and keep creating. There’s plenty of room in the digital world for everyone!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Influencer Marketing Jobs

    Here are some common questions and answers to help you further understand influencer marketing jobs:

    What are the requirements for an Influencer Marketing Job?

    The requirements for influencer marketing vary from one brand to another, but some common requisites persist across the board.

    • First and foremost, a substantial social media following or a reach deep into a particular niche community is crucial. Brands seek out influencers who can convey their message to a targeted audience, so having a clear understanding of your audience demographics is key.
    • Secondly, creating engaging and high-quality content is essential. Brands often look for influencers who have a consistent aesthetic and a unique voice that aligns with their brand image.
    • Another significant requirement is authenticity. Brands value influencers who have a genuine connection with their audience and promote products that they truly believe in.
    • Lastly, brands may look for influencers with experience in a specific industry or product category. Previous experience with influencer campaigns, knowledge of marketing strategies, and insights into SEO and analytics could also be beneficial.

    Can I have a part-time job and still be an influencer?

    Yes, many influencers have full-time jobs or other sources of income while also collaborating with brands. It’s all about finding balance and managing your time effectively.

    How do I find influencer marketing jobs?

    You can reach out to brands directly through email or social media, join influencer marketing platforms such as AspireIQ and Tribe Dynamics, or work with a talent agency that connects influencers with brands. It’s also essential to network and build relationships within the industry.

    How much can I earn as an influencer?

    The amount you can earn as an influencer depends on various factors, such as your niche, engagement rate, and the type of collaboration. Some influencers make a few hundred dollars per post, while others can earn thousands for long-term partnerships or sponsored content.

    Final Words

    Influencer marketing jobs offer endless opportunities for individuals to showcase their creativity and personality while earning an income. Whether you’re just starting or have been in the game for a while, there’s always room to grow and explore new possibilities. So go ahead, start creating that killer content, and put yourself out there as an influencer or UGC creator. Who knows, your next gig might just be around the corner! So what are you waiting for? Start networking, connecting with brands, and building your personal brand today.

    We hope this guide has given you a better understanding of influencer marketing jobs and the various opportunities available. Remember, success in this industry takes time, dedication, and continuous learning, but it can also be incredibly fulfilling. So why not give it a try? Who knows, you could be the next big influencer or UGC creator!

  • How To Improve Reel Quality On Instagram: I Spoke To Meta On The Phone

    I was selected to have a 1-to-1 phone call with a Reel expert at Meta this week (his name was Luca) and he taught me how to improve reel quality on Instagram and generally how to grow my Instagram based on the latest algorithm updates.

    He actually gave me a lot of valuable info (I recorded it all so I don’t forget!) which I’d like to share with you today.

    Before we begin, I always share all the latest social media updates on my newsletter first, so if you haven’t subscribed, do it now to stay ahead of the game!

    Let’s dive right in, shall we?

    Should you share your reels to your story?

    Yes, absolutely. That counts as an extra view, and engages a different part of your audience, that may not have seen your post.

    Copying directly from Luca’s follow up email, this is what he said: Share Reel to Grid + Share Reel to Story (maybe with a sticker covering it “New Reel”) 

    Do keywords in captions matter, like on TikTok?

    No, your caption can be about absolutely anything and doesn’t have to describe what’s going on in your reel. That’s what hashtags are for.

    Do hashtags still matter on Instagram?

    YES! He said several times that hashtags are very important. He recommended using 3-8 (despite my protests that I’ve noticed that 30 always perform better for me 🤷‍♀️) and to use a mixture of a couple of big ones and the rest niche (30:70 ratio). 

    He said you can keep the big ones the same for every post, but vary the niche ones from time to time.

    This should go without saying, but make sure the hashtag is relevant to what you’re posting to help the right audience find you. Don’t use hashtags like #explorepage because they’re useless

    What’s the best way to edit your Reel?

    I didn’t ask this question but this was one of the many best-practice things he recommended anyway.

    Instagram prefers you to edit your Reel within the app 😭 

    It doesn’t have to be all the time (I complained that the app editor is a pain in the ass and he agreed with me), but from time to time, try to edit something within Instagram itself, even if it’s just adding text overlays there instead of CapCut.

    Any advice for speaking to camera Reels?

    Always have captions.

    how to become a UGC creator in just 7 days

    Does tagging another account in your caption or Reel affect your reach?


    After going viral, my views aren’t that high anymore…

    That’s normal. Don’t worry and just stay consistent with your posts.

    Photos vs Reels

    This was one that I didn’t ask but was very happy to know about!

    He said that Instagram are now prioritising profiles with variety, but not the kind you’re thinking of! 

    Whereas before it was all about Reels for growth, now you should be aiming at a mixture of both Reels and photos if you want your page to grow!

    After the call I went to look at a few huge and successful pages that I follow, and I’ve noticed previously that they were posting more photos but didn’t realise that the mix was almost 1:1 or with a slight preference to Reels, but still with lots of photos/carousels.

    I told him that whenever I post photos, I never get the same reach as with Reels. He said that’s totally fine and to be expected. But having that as a strategy for at least 2 MONTHS will be beneficial in the LONG-TERM!

    So anything you do on your page that’s different, stick with it consistently for at least 2 months to see a difference. And actually, that’s how I got my first viral Reel, I switched to posting every single day for 2 months. 

    What is the most important thing about Reels?

    CONSISTENCY! Luca mentioned this several times as the N.1 most important factor if you want to grow your channel. 

    Whatever number you go for, try to stick to it. He said the more often you post the better (within reason, of course), and when I asked if 1 post a day is good, he said that’s perfect.

    Copying from his follow up email, he said: As I mentioned consistency is very important for your distribution and for you to get discovered. By remaining consistent you’re also training your followers to expect another Reel from you, let’s say on Sunday. Kind-of like a Reels-Series, and through consistency, you also assure your followers keep on following your content. (+ you can also preschedule reels)

    NO! This one probably surprised me the most.

    He said, you know that trending arrow that appears on audio? That’s going away!

    The algorithm is changing so it’s not going matter what audio you use anymore (finally, no more hearing the same stuff on everyone’s posts!).

    And you know what, the several times I went viral on both Instagram and TikTok (links are to my viral videos as examples), I did NOT use a trending sound. 

    I also asked if it matters if we take an audio from a page within our niche (e.g. if you’re a lifestyle influencer and you use an audio that’s mostly used by car enthusiasts, will is affect your reach) and he said it doesn’t matter. 

    Basically, go wild, use ANY audio you like!

    Does using a collaboration Reel with someone else affect your reach?



    This one we didn’t talk about, but he included it in his follow up email: Remix an existing Reel. You can use another creator’s reel to add your own reel after it or have yours appear side by side.

    Repurposing videos

    This one should come as no surprise, but in case you’re still posting content with TikTok watermarks – don’t.

    Since Threads came out, my views are super low for the first 24 hours, then it picks up a little. What’s going on?

    Luca said, if you notice things that are suddenly out of the ordinary like the example above, that means that Instagram are running tests. He didn’t seem at all surprised by this and just said to flow with it, things are constantly changing. If their test works, they will roll it out to more users, if it doesn’t, they will revert it or do something different. 

    Anything else on how to improve reel quality on Instagram?

    The beginning of your video is the most important part so you want it to be engaging to hook your viewer in.

    If someone watches your video for more than 5 seconds, only then does it count as a view (how did I not know this??), so try to keep them hooked.

    Hope you found this useful! Keep in touch 😉