If you’re looking to make some Instagram reels, you’re probably wondering how long can IG reels be. If you’re after a simple answer, here it is:

TL;DR: Instagram reels can be up to 90 seconds long.

But what is the ideal reel length that will keep your audience engaged? Let’s find out!

Can doesn’t mean should

First things first, just because a reel CAN be 90 seconds long, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should always make your reels that long. The ideal length of an IG reel should be determined by the content you are creating and the message you are trying to convey.

If you’re just sharing a funny clip, a 15-30 second reel might be ideal. On the other hand, if you’re showcasing a complex process or demonstrating a tutorial, 60-90 seconds might be necessary.

And it’s perfectly fine to have different reel lengths on your page. Here’s an example of a short video below:

And a longer one here:

How to keep your audience engaged

Now that we’ve got the length down, how can you make sure your Instagram reels are compelling and keep your audience engaged? First, it’s important to have a clear concept for your reel. What do you want to convey to your viewers? What’s the message you’re trying to get across? Once you have a solid concept, you can begin creating your content.

Another tip for creating engaging IG reels is to show your personality! IG reels are a great place to showcase your personal brand and let your audience get to know you better. Don’t be afraid to inject some humour and fun into your content. It’s also important to be authentic and stay true to yourself.

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How to edit your Instagram reels

One thing that can really make your IG reels stand out is editing. You don’t need to be a professional editor to create visually appealing reels. There are plenty of apps out there (such as InShot, CapCut, and Adobe Premiere Rush) that can help you add effects, transitions, and music to your videos. You can also experiment with different video formats, such as stop-motion or time-lapse, to make your content even more creative and eye-catching.

Talk to your audience

Finally, don’t forget to engage with your audience! Instagram reels are a great way to spark conversation and get your followers involved. Ask for their opinions, answer their questions, and acknowledge their comments. This will show that you value their input and can help build a stronger relationship with your followers.


In summary, IG reels can be up to 90 seconds long, but the ideal length should depend on the content you’re creating. To make your reels engaging, focus on having a clear concept, showing your personality, experimenting with editing, and engaging with your audience. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating compelling and successful Instagram reels that will keep your followers coming back for more!